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HDMI Converter

    • HDMI Digital Audio To Analog Converter (VU-HC31)

      Contact NowHDMI Digital Audio To Analog Converter (VU-HC31)HDMI Digital Audio To Analog Converter 1、1*HDMI input and 1* HDMI output,can sync separation HDMI audio signal,supports 1*SPDIF optical algital audio output,multi-channel RCA analog audio output. 2、Support 12-bit Deep cOLOR fULL HD,3D and 4k*2k video. 3、Support CEC 4、Support...Read More

    • HDMI To VGA Converter 9VU-HV03)

      Contact NowHDMI To VGA Converter 9VU-HV03)HDMI To VGA Converter 1.1 Features HDMI digital signal input ; standard VGA analog video + analog audio output Supports HDMI video input formats : 480p/720p/1080p Supports hdcp version 1.2 VGA Output Formats : 1024x768/60hz/1280x720/60hz/1280x1024/60hz Output Audio Formats : analog Stereo...Read More

    • HDMI TO VGA Converter (VU-HV02)

      Contact NowHDMI TO VGA Converter (VU-HV02)VGA HDMI Converter The MINI VGA2HDMI 1080P Scaler Box is designed to upscale analog video signal from PC input source to digital HDMI output, up to 720p or 1080p. Besides video upscaling, the scaler box also converts input audio signal from L/R to digital formats, then output to HDMI...Read More

    • HDMI To VGA Adapter (VU-HV05)

      Contact NowHDMI To VGA Adapter (VU-HV05)HDMI To VGA Adapter 1080P PC HDMI to VGA + 3.5mm Audio support Audio HDMI to VGA and audio converter can be used in Notebook,STB,DVD and other HD device.It converts HDMI digital video and sudio signals into analog of the VGA interface and output.It really solves the conflicting ...Read More

    • VGA To HDMI Converter Box (VU-HV01)

      Contact NowVGA To HDMI Converter Box (VU-HV01)VGA To HDMI Converter Box FEATURES One VGA+R/L input signal convert to one HDMI sink devices Support video input : VGA analog Support audio input : R/L analog HDMI output : Support up to 1280x1024, same format as input Support CEC LED indication: when source or sink is working, LED...Read More

    • HDMI To HDMI With Audio Converter (VU-HC15)

      Contact NowHDMI To HDMI With Audio Converter (VU-HC15)HDMI To HDMI With Audio Converter FEATURES One HDMI input converted to one HDMI+ Audio (SPDIF+R/L)output Output audio support: SPDIF+R/L analog Audio Output Input Resolution: up to 1080P(50/60Hz) HDMI to achieve the synchronization of audio signal separation There are PASS / 20CH / 51CH...Read More

    • HDMI To Component Converter (VU-HC07)

      Contact NowHDMI To Component Converter (VU-HC07)HDMI To Component Converter Features: One HDMI input signal convert to one YPbPr + SPDIF + R/L or VGA+SPDIF sink device Supported video input: HDMI 1.2a Supported audio output: SPDIF (optical) + R/L analog Supported output: Support up to UXGA and 1080P (50/60Hz), the same format as input...Read More

    • SCART +HDMI to HDMI Converter (VU-HC32)

      Contact NowSCART +HDMI to HDMI Converter (VU-HC32)SCART +HDMI to HDMI Converter Ⅰ.Introduction SCART +HDMI to HDMI converter can convert 480I(NTSC)/576I(PAL) format signal to 720P/1080P HDMI signal output, also it can connect with the high definition HDMI input interface, Easily connect with the DVD, set-top box, HD player, Game Console...Read More

    • HDMI TO YPBPR Converter (VU-HC05)

      Contact NowHDMI TO YPBPR Converter (VU-HC05)HDMI Component Converter Interface specification: 1: HDMI -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- HDMI input port 2: power light -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - the working state of the converter 3: DC5V -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- power input...Read More

    • YPBPR TO HDMI Converter (VU-HC06)

      Contact NowYPBPR TO HDMI Converter (VU-HC06)Component HDMI Converter The Converter use single YPbPr+R/L source,accessing to single HDMI1.1 sink. The Converter allows one YPbPr+R/L device to be converted easily to one HDMI1.1 monitor or projector. Our devices offers solutions for noise, space and security concerns, data center...Read More

    • HDMI To RCA Converter (VU-HC04)

      Contact NowHDMI To RCA Converter (VU-HC04)HDMI To RCA Converter I. Introduction: HDMI to CVBS signal converter which will convert HDM video signal or audio signal to AV (CVBS) composite video signal and the FL / FR stereo audio signals, while support DVI system sideline signals. Help users convert the high quality of the HDMI...Read More

    • MINI AV TO HDMI Converter (VU-HC02)

      Contact NowMINI AV TO HDMI Converter (VU-HC02)RCA To HDMI Converter The MINI box type AV to HDMI converter is a universal converter for analog composite input to HDMI 1080p (60Hz) output. The analog to digital conversion in this module employs 10 bits maximal 162MSPS sampling, black/white level expansion, color transition improvement,...Read More

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